Our First Blog Feature!

Hi friends. This is going to be a little bit different from my usual posts, but I guess I don’t really have a set theme for the blog. After starting my blog not too long ago, I noticed that I had been followed by a relatively new clothing company called Eunique Essentials on Instagram. I […]

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Empowering Women Through Fashion

Watching my dreams materialize before my eyes has been such a dream for me. Creating a brand that embraces, empowers, and uplifts women all around the world has been something that I’ve been passionate about my entire life. Society teaches us to compete with women. It’s everywhere like a plague. It’s a sickness, a sickness that can and should be healed. I want my brand to be a part of the cure to end unhealthy competition among women. What would happen if we chose to see each other as allies, instead of competition? I’m raising my own young queen in a society that teaches her she must be better than, instead of teaching her to just simply be her best. When my daughter confided in me concerns about her skin tone when she came home from school one afternoon, I knew I had to do something to make a change, to try to make things better. My daughter is beautiful, yet she was ridiculed for having a darker complexion than her classmates. How do you console a child who doesn’t understand why her skin tone is perceived as “worse” than someone else’s, just because?

My mission was clear. I needed to bring women together, but how? I decided to choose something that women, young and old, around the world could relate to… fashion! In 2016 Eunique Essentials was founded with the mission of empowering women through fashion. Our goal is to get women to embrace and respect not only their own, but the individuality, uniqueness, and sheer beauty (inside and out) of other women worldwide. We dare women everywhere to look deeper than skin tone, deeper than makeup, or no makeup. We want women to genuinely get to know other women, instead of judging one another based off of preconceived notions gifted to us by society. I mean, really, who came up with team light skin and team dark skin and what does it matter if you wear makeup, or not? More importantly, who truly “judges” these things? All these things used to separate women is nothing more than the thoughts of an overly active mind who fears women, because of the power we hold. In my eyes we are powerful magical beings, but we shouldn’t be punished for  society’s fears of our capabilities, after all… are they not just as capable?

We want to project love and unity, despite our differences throughout the world. Our differences are what make us eunique!  We, as women, deal with discrimination on a daily basis, I don’t see why we should discriminate against ourselves when we are all queens! Why compete when we can band together to be one great unit? Hell, who’s to say we can’t all be great in our own individual way? What’s wrong with that? Nothing is wrong with that. That’s what I want women to realize. It isn’t about size, shape, color, skin tone, hair texture, occupation, amount of children, nor popularity! What matters is who we are as a woman. It’s just that simple. Who we are inside. That’s all that matters. That’s all that ever mattered. Girls should aspire to become good women not a better woman than the next. Everyone is eunique, it’s time we embrace that.

– Eltonique Dotson
Ceo | Founder